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Now in its third Canadian edition:

Growing to Eat - Through All Four Seasons (Cloches, ColdFrames, Hot Beds, Raised Rows, & more)

 by Kyla Dixon-Muir.

This text covers basic growing strategies; myriad methods and structures for sheltering plants using Season Extension Techniques, including detailed diagrams and photoraphs; and information on plants that grow well in cooler weather. $15-

Newly expanded to double its former content for 2010: Planting Calendar and Diary - a 16-month companion

This companion text provides an easy, organized place to record germination, transplanting, crop rotation, and other growing details, as well as weather patterns; it also features colour photographs of Season Extension Techniques across more 16 months, from February one year to May the following year, and includes monthly tips and ideas on buying, building, ventilating, watering, and other seeding and growing strategies.

This tidy, permanent record of your garden activities is designed as notebook to retain for future years' reference. $12-

contact: coldframes @ gmail . com

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Group Tours to view the garden's many, varied ColdFrames
can be arranged from September through May each year.

Consultations, and Presentations to your home, school, or community group can also be booked.


ColdFrames Presentation, using scale models

photo by Amanda Montgomery

Seedy Saturday, 17 March 2007: Gardeners at Scadding Court Community Centre learn Season Extension Techniques to gain at least a six week headstart this spring. Strategies for extending the season for heat-loving plants later into the fall were also covered, as well as for growing right through the winter.

Season Extension Techniques can be as simple as solarizing the soil for springtime planting. The emphasis here is that achieving a longer growing season does not have to be a complicated or expensive practice.


At a Toronto Green Community presentation, November 2007. Gardeners learn updated techniques, and sample the first greens coming out of this fall's ColdFrames.

photo by Ashlee Cooper


On a Lost Rivers Walk Tour hosted by John Wilson, Chair, Task Force to Bring Back the Don, folks braved the cold and deep snow to see Riverdale Meadow Community Garden's ColdFrames in action on a drizzly
Sunday 17 February, 2008.

photo by George A. Moore


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To view photos taken by a Garden Tour participant in April 2008 click on this link http://picasaweb.google.com/Shazza50/2008AprilColdframeTourPix.


For Presentations, Workshops, Consultations, and Tours, contact:
cgwebsite (at) sympatico (dot) ca
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Queries are answered weekly, as we spend more time in the garden than on the internet,

so thank you for your patience.


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