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2009 Events

our garden's own Tours and Workshops:

Back Again by Popular Demand!

Building Workshops:

Saturday 7 March 2009 Saturday 14 March 2009


Saturday 4 April 2009 Saturday 11 April 2009

all above run from 2:00pm - 5:00pm (...and we begin punctually...)

Each date is a separate workshop covering similar material, and each above date requires individual pre-registration.

ColdFrames and Season Extension Techniques: covering both construction of simple wire cage frames and building wooden ColdFrames and Raised Beds; including a brief Garden Tour for examples of micro-climates, and of our successes (and failures).

Riverdale Meadow Community Garden, at City Adult Learning Centre, 1 Danforth Avenue, west of Broadview; back of the school on the south meadow.

Building wooden frames involves demonstrations and hands-on activities using power tools. Bring your own cordless drill, if you have one, and work gloves. All materials will be supplied; and the Raised Beds and ColdFrames built will be used in Riverdale Meadow Community Garden. These workshops will teach you how to build your own frames using recycled materials. You will learn how create shelters to grow foods outdoors for early head-starts each spring, for extending the seasons in the fall, and for growing foods outdoors through the winter that all use only the power of the sun.

Wear appropriately safe footwear and eyewear; and dress for the weather. Bring your own thermos of drinks (and snacks) - the garden is in a relatively remote location, some distance from physical amenities.

These workshops will go ahead rain or shine (unless there is an electrical or snow storm over the meadow.)

Cost: $45- per participant, with a maximum of 5 individuals at each workshop.

Pre-Registration is required: Contact coldframes (at) gmail (dot) com.

Published materials about related activities developed in this garden will be available for sale.

- -


also Back Again by Popular Demand!

Garden "Fiver" Tours:

Sunday 15 March 2009

Sunday 22 March 2009


Sunday 5 April 2009

Sunday 19 April 2009

Cost $5- per person; NO pre-registration - just show up on time...

We begin punctually at 2:00 pm.

Each tour run at least an hour, maybe a good bit more (depending on attendance numbers).

This tour is an conversational lecture, with a informal question-and-answer as we progress from plot to plot in the garden. View a wide range of ColdFrames, from simple ground-level wire cage frames, to wire sign frame structures, simple wooden frames, through Low Raised Beds, to Tall Raised Beds in a range of microclimates. Learn about a range of covers (lights) with which to top frames, and about planting and watering strategies. See soil solarization for earliest spring head-starts in action. See simple structures used for hardening-off plants to outdoor climates for early planting-out of your own windowsill-started seedlings.

A book of photos demonstrating strategies adopted in previous years will also be available for viewing.

Wear sensible Canadian winter attire, including heavy footwear, scarves, hats, and wind-resistant coats. (We are located on the side of the Don Valley, where the winter winds blow, and the garden is on uneven natural terrain.)

Published materials about related activities developed in this garden will be available for sale.


Other public Events where you'll find us 2009


Guelph Enabling Garden's Seedy Saturday; Evegreen Seniors' Centre, 683 Woolwich Street; 7 February 2009 1 - 5 pm Season Extension Techniques & ColdFraming workshop 2-3pm


Region of Peel's Seedy Saturday; Unitarian Congregation, 84 South Service Road, Mississauga (south of QEW at Hurontario St.); 28 February 2009 10am - 4pm Season Extension Techniques & ColdFraming workshop 10:30 - 11:30 a.m., upper level


Toronto Community Garden Network's Seedy Saturday; Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie Street, Toronto; on 28 February 2009 2:00 - 6:00 pm, Season Extension Techniques & ColdFraming workshop 2-3pm, Rm 250, Barn 3


Everdale Organic Farm's Seedy Saturday; 5812 - 6th Line Erin Township Road, Hillsburgh,ON; 25 April 2009 Season Extension Techniques & ColdFraming workshop 11am to noon; workshop free with entry fee.


Earth Day

South Riverdale Community Health Centres Earth Day, with support from the Ralph Thornton Community Centre and the Riverdale Food Working Group. Free. Wednesday 22 April 2009 Event runs 3-6pm, workshop 4:30pm 6:00 pm, 955 Queen Street East. Free.


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