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Welcome to our Membership Information pages !


Riverdale Meadow Community Garden is located on the TDSB's property at City Adult Learning Centre, but is not connected with the September-to-June quadmestered adult school credit programs.

This is a volunteer-run community garden, not a city-supported allotment garden.

While this organic community garden is on Toronto District School Board property, it is the only non-school community garden that we know of on TDSB land; accordingly, we do not receive financial or practical support from the school; nor do we receive support from the City of Toronto that community and allotment gardens on Parks Department property benefit from.

Riverdale Meadow Community Garden is entirely volunteer-member run; and, other than access to water provided via City Adult Learning Centre, is supported solely by the efforts of RMCG's garden members, and kind donors, none of whom are paid staff.

Toronto District School Board by-laws prohibits animals on their properties; as we operate within these guidelines, please do not bring dogs or other pets onto CALC property or into the garden.

Individuals interested in participating need to apply for themselves; we cannot manage third-party requests.

As a community garden not supported by anyone other than our volunteer coordinators and gardening members, we are unable to offer programmes that gardens on Parks Department or Community Centre properties or private properties (like churches or seniors' centres or supportive housing) can offer.

This garden is situated on a hillside, and the pathways are grassy and not levelled sufficiently for those with mobility challenges.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the garden and view its facilities, and to acquaint yourself with its environs, before applying to participate.

Click on the Work Bee and Joining Our Garden pages (upper left, green menu) for more detailed information.


Finding our garden:


For a Google map to locate our garden, click here for a map or click here for a close-up view.


General directions are listed below, in words.

Motor vehicle access is limited on weekdays during both day- and night- school hours.

Location: behind rear parking lot, south of all buildings, at City Adult Learning Centre, 1 Danforth Avenue. West of Broadview, South of Danforth.

By car or bike: CALC is West of Broadview Ave., on the south side of Danforth Avenue. The driveway into CALC is immediately at the East end of Prince Edward Viaduct (bridge with luminous veil above the Don Valley) where Bloor St. becomes Danforth Ave. (This driveway is west of the on-ramp to DVP Northbound - stay in the right lane, and drive slowly if you're crossing the bridge eastbound, to make the turn into the school's driveway -- otherwise you'll end up on the DVP Northbound.) Turn into this driveway immediately at the East end of the bridge, and stay to the right/west, following the humpy, bumpy, lumpy driveway along the fence line to the back of all buildings. Drive south, back of all buildings, into the parking lot with the high surrounding fence; the garden gate is on the south fence of this parking lot, marked in red ribbons.

By TTC, or on foot: There is a walkway along the east side of the school's property, west of Pizza-Pizza. Use the pedestrian crossway, at Royal Drive, crossing the DVP on-ramp. Walk south, past the greenhouse, keep walking south of all buildings; enter the parking lot, and the garden gate is on the south fence of the parking lot marked in red ribbons.

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