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2012 Participation Opportunities

As well as maintaining the community food and flower plots, garden participants will help maintain all of the infrastructure, including fencing, birdhouse, tool bin, solar pod, planter berm, trellising, message board, and compost corrals. There is also an ornamental rock garden on one hillside, an herb patch, catnip (to attract cats to keep the rodents at bay), and a Beneficial Border Garden around the garden's perimeter.

We need help from people to plant, water, and maintain edging and staking of garden plots, to refurbish the fencing and the watering systems, and with carpentry for the tool bin, birdhouse, and our awesome range of ColdFrames and Raised Beds.

All of this is accomplished on an appointment basis, and is honoured with a share of whatever can be harvested at the time of participation.

Appointments go ahead rain or shine, so folks are encouraged to wear weather-appropriate gear and sturdy footwear and gloves, and to bring sufficient food and water to sustain themselves. Appointments are a minimum of 2 hours, and preferably span 3 to 4 hours. We can arrange dedicated weekly scheduling or can work on an ad-hoc basis, weekday or weekend, day or evening, as seasonal light levels permit.

Our dedicated gardeners offer decades or even generations of expertise to help newer participants gain experience in a broad range of activities.

To enquire about this garden's new participation practices, contact George A. Moore:

rmcommunitygarden (at) sympatico (dot) ca

For any other queries, contact: cgwebsite (at) sympatico (dot) ca

Addresses spelled out for anti-spam purposes

Please make an individual query for yourself only; and do not add these address to any mass-communication lists. Please also note that we cannot accommodate third-party queries. Thank you.

Serious enquiries will include your full name and phone number.

Queries are answered weekly, as we spend more time in the garden than on the internet,

so thank you for your patience.



Some History of RMCG's Work Bees

Work Bees were once a time when member-volunteers were asked to join together to maintain the community areas of the garden. There was generally one Work Bee each month, from April to November including the Spring and Fall Cleanups. Members were asked to spend their time at these events on the community areas, not their own plots. Work Bees usually ran four (4) hours, and concluded with a meeting to keep everyone updated on general business and activities, and to make plans for upcoming events.

Participation was always low, and it took much more work, by a dedicated few of the many, to keep the garden moderately workable, leading to the participation changes that began in 2010.

Many thanks to Sabre Travel Network, Green Oasis on Broadview, Green Gardeners Group, 6 St. Joseph House, and ChocoSol and more, for participation on Earth Day, Wednesday 23 April, 2008 to assist in cleaning up the garden and dividing spreading perennials.

We were pleased to donate these plants to Green Oasis on Broadview, a new community initiative,www.greenoasisonbroadview.ca that has been started with seed money from Carrot Cache http://www.carrotcommon.com/carrotcache/html/intro-01.htm .

This amazingly high energy, high-spirited, dedicated, hard-working crew worked in an exemplary, effective way, coming together as a team, having not met as a large group before. Awesome!

23 April 2008
Foreground: Staff members from Sabre Travel Network work on the West Hilltop, digging Jersualem Artichokes
Background: More Sabre staff on the East Hillside dig comfrey and daylilies, blessed beneath the blossoms of the apricot tree.
photo by Kyla Dixon-Muir


Jenny (left), Andrew (foreground), and Gary (standing) prune the
East Hillside Raspberry Patch, and dig a row from behind the solar pod
for the Green Oasis garden.
photo by Kyla Dixon-Muir


Gary, foreground, continues getting scratched as he bags canes for Green Oasis;
Sabre staff, right, dig comfrey, mint, and lemon balm.
photo by Kyla Dixon-Muir


Taking a well-deserved lunch break, enjoying fellowship, pizzas, and
a dip made from dried tomatoes that were grown in this garden last summer.
photo by Neil Foster - neighbour, friend, generous donor


ChocoSol arrived by bicycle, with dessert:
a frosty chocolate drink, so welcomed on an unseasonally hot spring day.
photo by Kyla Dixon-Muir


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